Format for Investor Complaints Data to be displayed by Depository Participant  on their respective websites


Data for every month ending Nov22


S N Receive d from Carried forwar d from previou s


Receive d during the month Total Pendin g Resolve d* Pending at the end of the month** Average Resoluti on time^ (in days)
            Pendin g        for less than 3 month


Pendin g        for more than 3 month


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
1 Directly from




3 Stock

Exchang es

4 Other Sources

(if any)

From DP 1 2 0    
5 Grand




Trend of monthly disposal of complaints


SN Month Carried    forward

from       previous month

Received Resolved* Pending**
1 2 3 4 5 6
1 April -2022 NIL NIL    
2 May-2022 NIL NIL    
3 June-2022 NIL NIL    
4 July-2022 NIL NIL    
5 Aug-2022 NIL NIL    
6 Sept-2022 NIL 1 0 1
7 Oct-2022 1 0 0 1
8 Nov-22 1 1 0 2
  Grand Total        


*Should include complaints of previous months resolved in the current month, if any.

**Should include total complaints pending as on the last day of the month, if any.

^Average resolution time is the sum total of time taken to resolve each complaint in the current month divided by total number of complaints resolved in the current month.


Trend of annual disposal of complaints


SN Year Carried forward

from     previous year

Received during the year Resolved

during      the year

Pending      at

the end of the year

1 2017-18 NIL NIL    
2 2018-19 NIL NIL    
3 2019-20 NIL NIL    
4 2020-21 NIL NIL    
5 2021-22 NIL NIL    
  Grand Total NIL NIL    


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